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I'll be moving between this week and next week so I can't upload anything until everything's settled down and back up.  Been working a fuck ton on the oft-reworked webcomic project (lots of rewrites and, now, lot of concept illustrating), making a transition to another gig for lining the pockets with cash.  Stressful, emotional, but oh so energizing. 
  I'm feeling in somewhat better spirits now.  For the past few weeks I have just been seriously thinking about where I am in my life and where I would like to go.  I've also been uncertain about my artistic pursuits and just feeling angsty about lots of things in this world on the whole.

  Ideally I'd like to communicate that with art and stories and will myself to make it so.  Reading some concepts of existentialism and the such is helping both creatively and spiritually however.

 Things only get better if you stop sulking about it and kick yourself in the ass with some adrenaline.  Will be back soon :)
Ms.Rohan's Shot by fngrscr8dstroui
Ms.Rohan's Shot
  Did this one as a birthday present for fellow dA'er and friend Carol Peace aka PeaceMakerSama.  She had this JJBA Rohan Kisabe cosplay I liked, seen here :thumb383069536: and I ended up doing this based off of that.

  Mind you, it's a bit late; my original monitor started frizzing out so I had to switch to a new one a few days ago and its saturation levels were way off from the old one.  Tried matching as best I could.  Screen resolution is also a bit different.  And, well, life stuff getting in the way too; big clean up and moving preparations..that sort of stuff :/.

  I want to get a lot more loose and experimental with future illustrations so those will be coming once they're ready.

  Done with Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens, Grumbacher and Holbein/Shin Han watercolors, digital work in GIMP and MyPaint. 
Thank you everyone for you appreciation (be it faves, comments or just looking) for the Chun-Li X Ryu pic.  Much appreciated.  I'm inking out panels for the comic (I called it Project: Gurajinn but it has a different title) now and will start putting up pages in a "stream-of-consciousness"-like way within the next two weeks.  No grand hype; just put the pages up, tell the story, share the emotions and see what goes from there.  I'm in somewhat happier spirits and feeling more optimistic in general so this slump is over over.  Thanks for your continued support and know you've always got my support too!


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United States
I'm John Mason, now going by the handle of 'F^nGZ' ('least for now; dA won't let me change my account name). My interests include games, anime, manga, drawing (obviously), painting, writing (yep), exercising (left field), watching obscure movies, cyberpunk, cosmology, mythology, nature, probably get the idea.

As I try to live life and situate a solid career, you'll be seeing some artwork uploaded here, some journals posted, and plugs for other random stuff that's relevant. So, hope you enjoy what's on offer, and your curiosity energized.



Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: deep house/drum n bass/funk-house and most electronic music, old school hip-hop, some rock, and jazz
Favourite style of art: Pretty much w/e looks good, really, tho I have a soft spot for experimental art styles.
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Favourite cartoon character: Doesn't particularly matter, just any good designed character :)
Personal Quote: More culture, less product


  The following is a reposting from my Facebook page, it delves into the meaning of the title.  It also gives a slight hint as to why I've been quiet around here and other sites for a while, tho it doesn't mention compilation works for illustration books or fanarts, which are also part of the cause.  Anyhow, enjoy!



I'm gonna be getting pretty knee-deep in working on Gurajinn© for a while so hopefully it'll be ready in some significant way in the next couple of months. So far the logo's about done, and a few character designs are mostly finished. Now testing color palettes and deciding on a look, writing out the scripts (basic plot bulletins for the first four graphic novels are just about done) and doing more concept illustrations.

So maybe this is a good time to mention the title. "Gurajinn"'s not a word that exists in any official capacity in any known language of man, you can think of it more as an amalgamation of a couple of them. The Arabic word 'Guraab', for "crow" (alternate spelling 'Girbaan'), and the Arabic word 'djinn' for the plural tense of supernatural spirits or genies. Hence, "Gurajinn" or "crow spirits". As you can probably guess, the story either takes place in the Middle East, features references to Middle Eastern cultures, and might involve the spirits of crows. But don't read it too literally; some of that is true, but not in a sense of being strictly so. And even if it's "true", that still leaves us to consider from whose perspective it's assumed to be true, and whether that perspective can be trusted.

"Gurajinn" is also a play of sorts on two other words, which provide better clues to what it's really about. The Indian girls name "Raji", which means "shining", and the English word "Gunn" not based off that one game, but the Gunn Effect, a term relating to high-frequency oscillations of electrical currents flowing through certain semiconducting solids. For example, the Gunn Diode, which implements the Gunn Effect, is able to produce what we know of as microwaves. That includes everything from the anti-lock brakes of your favorite car, to motion detectors and radio astronomy receivers. The phenomenon was discovered by physicist J.B Gunn in 1962 at IBM, for those wondering.

So basically, the title is a container for both "crow spirits" and "shining microwave" what degree of interpretation is up to the reader. Let's just say that there are myths within the story that lend credence to the belief of "crow spirits" and actual entities that exist which can create a powerful phenomenon such as a "shining microwave", and leave it at that for now.

And there you have it, the meaning behind the title of this story. I understand it doesn't make a lot of sense even as explained here, and some of that is intentional. The title is meant to be in reference to dominant elements in the story, whether they exist as a hard fact, or only in the belief structures of certain characters.

I'll share more on Gurajinn© as time goes on. Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.

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