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United States
I'm John Mason, now going by the handle of 'F^nGZ' ('least for now; dA won't let me change my account name). My interests include games, anime, manga, drawing (obviously), painting, writing (yep), exercising (left field), watching obscure movies, cyberpunk, cosmology, mythology, nature, probably get the idea.

As I try to live life and situate a solid career, you'll be seeing some artwork uploaded here, some journals posted, and plugs for other random stuff that's relevant. So, hope you enjoy what's on offer, and your curiosity energized.



Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: deep house/drum n bass/funk-house and most electronic music, old school hip-hop, some rock, and jazz
Favourite style of art: Pretty much w/e looks good, really, tho I have a soft spot for experimental art styles.
Operating System: Windows XP SP3
Favourite cartoon character: Doesn't particularly matter, just any good designed character :)
Personal Quote:


'Sup everyone; as I said w/ the last page uploaded the week prior, this is an off-week.  It's given me time to get more work done on Issue 2 and some time to experiment art style-wise, and there'll be a week like this at the close of every issue.  Gotta give thanks again to everyone who's given the series a look-at as it stands; there are lots of awesome things to come in terms of the story, new character introductions, and plans to get publishing in other locations in the weeks to come.

  Meanwhile I've been working on a couple of Gundam fanart pieces and will post progress of one of them tomorrow at the very least.  I'll also post some linework for the cover to Weirdearl Issue 1, tho it won't be colored yet.  And I have a special sort of "closing" page I'll post tomorrow to end Issue 1 on a proper note, maybe with a few fun doodles for good measure :)

  Issue 2 is going to see a lot of refinement to things and while posting the B&W pages I might sporadically sneak in colored pages if I'm satisfied with the results.  During that frame I'll also be coloring Issue 1.  This is in preparation for hosting on a dedicated site. altho the site in question is still TBD. 

  A few other facts about Issue 2 if you're interested:

  -It's quite larger than Issue 1 in terms of content (I'm not actually standardizing the page counts for each issue per-se, just making sure there's enough to convey what's in that particular issue)

  -Four new, central characters will be informally introduced.

  -If you're a pervert you might get something worth your while in this one ;)

  -It's technically episodic but still occurs after the events in Issue 1

  So that will do it for the updates for now.  BTW if you guys are on Facebook or Twitter I'd be glad to get some support 'round them ways.  Got plans for setting up a page on FB at the very least, but that's a good ways into the future.  I'll also get around to my Behance profile at some point and set that up proper.

  Keep lending me your support peeps, it's been helpful.  I have also come across some frankly wonderful artists here in the past month or so and have seen a lot of great stuff from my usual stable, keep up the good work you guys.  These are exciting times indeed.

  L8r :)
  • Listening to: dnb, jazz, house, video game tunes
  • Reading: Kamiyadori, JJBA, Gantz
  • Watching: ZZ Gundam, movies
  • Playing: Gunpa, Tomba 2, Hyper Dragon Ball Z
  • Eating: food (within limits)
  • Drinking: water, juice, but mostly water

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justinhubbell Apr 8, 2014  New member Professional Artist
Seriously cool stuff.  Gonna follow ya on Twitter! :)
fngrscr8dstroui Apr 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
 Ah, so that was you!  Appreciated, returned favor.  I use Facebook more than Twitter tho, so if you're on FB lemme know.
fngrscr8dstroui Apr 7, 2014  Professional General Artist
Can't wait to see all this extra shit disappear off my front page in 10 minutes :)
pinaizee Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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