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Deviants, I am now officially open for commissions!  I'll be making a presentation graphic a little later down the line, but for now I'll just list the pricings here and a link to my Hentai Foundry post with the details:

  -Single Char: $25 (+ $18 each additional char).  Full body, any pose, any expression.

  -Half-Body: $15 (+ $10 each additional char). Any pose, any expression

  -Clothing: $5 - $15 (depends on complexity; simple things like wedding rings and earrings or simple hats (think Ash's Pokemon hat) are free) (+ $2.50 - $8.50 each additional char)

  -Basic Background: Free (includes anything I think would be needed to "sell" the action in the commission in the most immediate context)

  -Detailed/Specific Background: $12

  For info on Fetishes, "Mods", and policies, refer to the Hentai Foundry post in the following thread: cist's In Progress Hentai Works, Page 7, Post #1 (can't link directly b/c dA is a dick when it comes to linking >(

  Keep in mind that even tho I've been doing a LOT of hentai-themed stuff of late, I also do SFW stuff as well.  If you have any questions send them over to, or you can send me a note here to take a look at.  I'm very open and communicative, that's the best way to ensure satisfaction for everyone involved.

  Welp, that's it for now.  Will talk later.  Take it easy!
Got a Tifa trade done; will be uploading a little later tonight after I check it for little things!


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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Adventurous artist with a myriad of interests such as scifi, cyberpunk, fantasy, anthro, architecture, and women. Definitely women. Oh indeed, lots of women-themed stuff here, kappa.


Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: deep house/drum n bass/funk-house and most electronic music, old school hip-hop, some rock, and jazz
Favourite style of art: Pretty much w/e looks good, really, tho I have a soft spot for experimental art styles.
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Favourite cartoon character: Doesn't particularly matter, just any good designed character :)
Personal Quote: More culture, less product


  Ah, this is refreshing.  People, life happens.  And when it does, it forces you to sometimes put aside things you love to do, simply so that you will be able to continue doing them in the future.  Sometimes depression sets in, and sometimes the muse just seems to escape you.

  And then, at some point, the fire is lit once more, and the hunger must be satiated.

  I have a lot on my creative plate, but I would rather just start rolling that out and build things back up.  There are a lot of changes coming, and new ventures being pursued, but I'll be tying it all together in the best way one person can.  My inspirations have rekindled my spirits, and my eyes and mind are sharper than ever. 

  It feels good to be back.
  • Listening to: UK Garage, DnB, jazz and funk
  • Reading: Berserk, BLAME!, Gunnm, other manga
  • Watching: Michiko & Hatchin, Come and See, Gundam, mecha sho
  • Playing: Indivisible prototype, Gringava, IHNMAIMS
  • Eating: fuel
  • Drinking: more fuel


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Voiii Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Danggg your art sure has taken quite a different route since I first started watching you! xD; 
Not in a way that's appealing to me personally! But you've defiently improve quite a lot, you have a very good coloring style! xD
I do wonder if you're in the danger zone of, if the wrong person comes across your profile and flags one of your drawings though, since some of them seem like they could potentially be againts da's policies? (like the blue girl you recentlly uploaded, I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere erect penis's weren't allowed on DA. At the same time I wonder if perhaps it's just an outdated rule that I remember from years ago?)
Happy late b-day too btw, since I see so many people commenting on that xD
fngrscr8dstroui Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Professional General Artist
xD yeah, I guess you could say I'm skirting a fine line.  I understand this kind of stuff isn't to everyone's tastes, and that's cool.  I just want to diversity my skill set and you'd be surprised at how technically skilled "those" artists can get ;).  Anyhow, I've heard that some stuff is probably against site policy (scat in particular; erect penis is a new one and hopefully not against any rules) but I always turn the filters on for this stuff so I figure that should cover it.  If not I'll just have to censor submissions, altho censorship usually sucks >(.

  Ah, and thanks for the belated b-day wishes.  I don't know when yours is coming up but if you'd like me to do draw you a present (it can be like the older stuff thematically if you'd like) you can note me.  Certainly wouldn't mind.  That you've been around this long and continue to show support really, REALLY means a lot to me Voiii, and I'm incredibly thankful for that.

  Looking forward to speaking again and seeing what work you have cooking up.  Take care!
Voiii Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
You definently are! xDDDD
Of course!
After looking it up, it really is something against the rules. (unless you know how to make it qualify as educational xD
You'd think with the filters they'd allow stuff like that, and that'd you'd only be in trouble for not using them. 
Yeah censoring submissions sounds like it'd be a pain! xD; 

You're welcome!~
Dang you made me realize my birthdays in almost 3 months ahaha omg I didn't realize it was so close! xD
Sure! You can do the same as well if you want! ^_^ Aww you're welcome! <3

You too!
fngrscr8dstroui Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
Hmm, that's certainly an interesting set of rules there xD.  I'll have to be a bit more careful w/ that stuff on dA, just to be safe.  Even tho it just adds more time, it's maybe worth the hassle.

  And don't fret, I'm definitely gonna do something of an illustration for a b-day present for 'ya.  It's the least I can do!
Bfetish Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!!!!
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